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Do You Have the Courage to Surrender?

Have you ever stopped to think about how much energy you put into controlling aspects of your life?

Normal things that we talk about with control are outcomes, experiences and the way others perceive us…

What about the amount of energy we put into controlling our patterns and resisting the change we know we need to create in our lives because of the what ifs.

When we are acting out of the need to control things outside of ourselves, we are ultimately coming from a place of fear.

Fear of:


…not being accepted or loved

…not being worthy.

The truth is holding onto the control of our external experiences keeps us in the perpetual cycle of feeling unfulfilled and comfortable.

What if we could simply let it all go.

What does that even mean?

When you think about the word surrender, notice what comes up.

For some it may be the thought of inaction… doing nothing, when in fact the act of surrender is one of deep courage and intention. It is being able to take peaceful action and putting our trust and energy into what we choose to be versus what we desire to be.

Surrender is the act of letting go of what we do not have control over so that we can bring our attention to what we do – ourselves.

Create the courage to surrender

How do you create the courage to surrender in life?

1. Get clear with what you are afraid of happening if you choose to surrender

What do you think will happen if you let go of control? What do you think it will mean about you? Is that true?

2. Create clarity on how you choose to feel and focus on coming from that space

You do not have control over the outcome. You were inspired to take action due to a feeling, so focus on embracing that feeling and recommit to that energy as often as you need to keep yourself in alignment with the creation process.

3. Become present

Pause. Feel your feet pressing against the ground. Tune into your body. Notice your breath and allow yourself to simply settle into the awareness of each in and out sensation your breath creates in your body. Do that as many times as you need to reconnect and become present.

4. Check in with yourself and your focus often

Ask yourself: How do I feel at this moment? Am I moving with intention or am I moving from fear? Get clear with yourself.

5. Have fun!

Life is meant to be fun! Your experience of life is not determined from your external experiences, it is chosen by your internal guidance. You are at choice with how you experience this life. Have fun, play and notice what unfolds in the process.

Having the courage to surrender is one of the most powerful gifts you can choose for yourself.

Simply tune in and redirect your focus to what is important and choose to let go of anything that is holding you back from fully embracing who you are and what is possible in your life!

Hit reply and leave me a comment or two.
I would love to hear from you about what this means to you and how you are going to step into the courage to surrender in your life.

Here’s to a brilliant new year of shifting from It’s Impossible to I AM POSSIBLE

Big Love

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