Hi, I'm Susan!

Your heart-centered, transformational, motivational mindset coach!

I Never Fit in the Box.

I have always had a different way of seeing the world and perceiving information. 

At age 10, I was having conversations about reincarnation and was fascinated by the idea that there is more to life than just what we see. 

I was the kid in middle school who asked questions and challenged the notion that “this is just the way we do things.” 

Many of my teachers took that as defiance but looking back, I know what it was: I was never willing to accept the status quo because enough people said this was all we should expect from life. 

While my curiosity made people uncomfortable, it allowed me to see possibilities and find my place in the world. 

In high school, I was placed in the mentally challenged class and attended three high schools in four years. 

In the first high school, I was placed in solitary confinement because that’s what all of the Jewish kids had to do in that particular Anglican school. 

I was elected head of the study body in the second and selected as valedictorian when I graduated from the third. 

When I attended college classes in the U.S. at age 16, I found that I didn’t fit that box either.

Following the Next Adventure

My insatiable drive to ask, “What are we doing this for?” has been a steady companion.

In my early twenties, I said “no thanks” to college and hitchhiked around the world (it was a different time then). 

I started in the U.S., then into the forests of Mexico, and ran with the bulls in Spain, where someone gave me a Europass. I traveled on that pass as far as I could, eventually reaching Norway, where I found a job picking apples. Did I speak Norwegian? No! However, I learned the phrase, “Can you move the ladder?” 

My instinct was always to follow the next adventure. Not only did I see the world because of it, which completely changed me, but I also experienced magical living. I lived in awe, wonder, and joy. I had FUN!

Decades later, I’m still exploring new corners of the world and expanding my magical life.

Reinventing Myself

I met my husband Ricky in a bar while trying on a clown nose for Halloween. We’ve been together for almost 50 years, traveling the world and building a family we love.

He was a widower with two children, so I immediately stepped into the adventure of motherhood. After having two more children, I went back to college. 

I attended night classes while raising four children. It took me 13 years to get my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, but it led me to the art world and was also the catalyst for my
Master of Fine Arts. 

I said yes to the next adventure: becoming a full-time artist. 

My professional art career spanned over 20 years, which meant years of inhaling paint fumes in art studios, resulting in heavy metal poisoning. 

It was time to put down the paintbrushes. What would the next adventure be?

The World I Always Knew Was There

While it would be “reasonable” to end my career as an artist and move into early retirement, I don’t do “reasonable.” Instead, I said yes to the next adventure.

I worked with a holistic physio to heal the heavy metal poisoning, which opened up my world to energy and how to shift beliefs, ultimately creating a path to create beyond what’s expected. 

I was introduced to a way of looking at the world I always knew was there. 

This led me to study various methods and modalities aimed to guide people to create meaningful change in their lives. I was eager to pass on what I learned rather than hoard it for myself.  

In my roles as a coach, facilitator, and spiritual mentor, my passion lies in empowering people to embrace the adventures that await them—the wondrous life that beckons with possibility.

As a coach, facilitator, and spiritual guide, my passion is in empowering people to say yes to the adventure their lives hold—the magical life that is possible. 

I currently live in Canada with my husband, Ricky. We enjoy exploring different parts of the globe and making memories with our children and grandchildren.

I run my coaching business and published my first book in 2023. 

I can’t wait to say yes to the next adventure that awaits.

Training and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts from Vermont College of Norwich University
  • Compassion Keys
  • Professional Coaching and Counseling degree from Concordia University
“Thank you Susan! I am more aware now of what I call my intuition is more in my daily life and it has always been with me. Just acknowledge this is who I be!”