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Is Your Foundation Creating or Crumbling?

The images were shocking – a beautiful modern home collapsing. As if it was being swallowed up by the ground around it! How can something so solid fall apart?

It was deemed that the foundation had unknowingly developed cracks. It was those fractures that caused the foundation to weaken – eventually crumbling, causing the entire structure to fail and fall apart.

The foundations of our lives work in the same way.

How many times have you been confronted with a challenge in life?

When you suddenly encounter an issue – or maybe it’s been an ongoing struggle – an accumulation of cracks – you’ve been dealing with over a long period of time.

It can lead you to your breaking point. Just like the home I mentioned – it can feel like your life and the world around you is crumbling before your eyes.

We all experience those unexpected – or even somewhat expected – issues that can overwhelm our very existence.

That’s why it’s so important that we create a solid foundation in our lives. A secure base that we build our life on.

So, what exactly is that foundation?

It consists of the values you hold dear to yourself. Those ethical standards that are non-negotiable in your life. Your morals and beliefs that nurture your soul and bring you joy.

Those are the elements that establish that solid structure – your foundation. It allows you to build and create!

For myself, my foundation consists of curiosity, adventure, joy – and being nurturing in every way. Living a life of abundance.

So, when I’m creating and moving forward in life, I check in with the choices I’m making and the actions I’m taking along the way.

I’ll ask myself if those decisions and directions I’m taking align with the energies and principles of my foundation.

I’ve said it many times – everything we say, do, see, hear and experience has an energy to it. And those energies can be positive or negative.

That’s why it’s so important that, as we go through life, we are constantly checking in.

Asking ourselves if those things we are doing and experiencing – those decisions and actions we are taking – are they bringing in positive energy that’s making our foundation stronger?

Or are they creating a negative energy that is putting the structural integrity and strength of our foundation at risk?

How often do we hear about couples having “cracks in their marriage”?

Or people that claim that their life is “crumbling around them”?

These emotions and situations occur when we feel like we’re losing our footing… that the walls around us are falling in and we’re at risk of losing the stability in our life.

Those feelings are the result of being thrown off balance. We all experience it in one way or another. Afterall, life isn’t all puppies and rainbows.

There will be challenges – disappointments, broken hearts, losing jobs or falling ill – just to name a few.

That’s why having a solid foundation is so important. Having that strong base gives us the support we need to react and recover more efficiently.

Sometimes, there will be people in our lives who’s values and actions don’t align with our own. Yet we may find ourselves overlooking it – brushing it aside.

Maybe we’re drawn to other characteristics, such as physical appearance, wealth or the perceived excitement. It feels like an exciting challenge.

But over time, when we surround ourselves with people and situations that exude negative energy – individuals whose actions don’t encourage and support those elements that bring us joy – it can begin to erode our foundation.

That’s when all those things we’ve created and built are at risk of collapsing.

That’s the reason we need to focus on all those beautiful values, loving qualities, and positive energies that ADD to our lives.

To build a foundation that’s deep and strong enough to support us through any difficult struggles or negative situations.

When we think about all the tough circumstances and problematic situations that occur in life – that are out of our control – it’s important that we focus on the things we CAN control.

That’s creating a strong healthy foundation to help support us through those situations.

Do what makes you happy!

Take action on doing what you love and instinctively know will better your life!

Base it on quality – not quantity. If we keep adding and piling up tasks – even if it’s doing the things we enjoy – they’ll eventually become unenjoyable.

We’ll inadvertently begin to feel pressured and overwhelmed, becoming counter productive to what we were trying to achieve.

So, whether it’s self education or self care… shifting and growing… develop a foundation filled with those non-negotiable standards and beliefs that will solidify your love and happiness in life!

Build a strong, beautiful base filled with all the qualities that will bring us joy.

Encouraging and empowering us to continue creating with confidence – so we’ll be ready – no matter what life throws at us!

Live boldly, love greatly!

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