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Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Self Growth and Discovery

What’s your favourite season?

I love spring! Not only is it the time when trees and flowers start to bud and bloom, but it’s also a time of change and growth. Not just for nature – but also to self nurture!

The season of creating and planting rich gardens, lush lawns, and colorful flowers. And what’s essential for ALL that growth? A rich foundation of soil… the earth!

The foundation in our lives is very similar. We need that established base so we can plant the seeds of knowledge, awareness, and beliefs. We then nurture the soil with love, understanding and patience so we can bloom, grow, and create a beautiful life.

Here’s my question for you. What changes would you like to create in your life this spring? Where would you like to see growth?

So many of us feel that we need to hold off on building and creating until we know exactly what it is we want, when we want it or how to do it. Or we’ll wait until “everything’s perfect”. Sound familiar?

The key is to start now! Because no matter what we want in life – or when we’ll want it, it’s important that we build a healthy base NOW so it’s ready to go. You may not yet know what you want to grow. You may want to just enjoy nurturing that soil for a while or decide to plant those seeds slowly… one by one.

Or you have an extensive list and want to start planting many ideas and targets all at once. Some of those dreams may sprout quickly – some may take longer to bloom. There may be seeds that lay dormant – and that’s okay. The main thing to remember is that ALL those dreams, ideas and targets can only flourish effectively when they evolve from a strong, healthy foundation. And just like a garden, you’ll get a sense of what else you need to encourage healthy growth. Maybe you need to talk more – ask yourself what it is that you want. Or you may need to be more nurturing – feeding and watering your soul.

If it feels like your dreams and targets are being blocked, as if something or someone is holding you back, I encourage you to take a look and re-evaluate what it is that you need to change. What feeds and nourishes you and encourages self growth? Identify if there’s someone or something that’s discouraging you from self discovery and depleting your joy – that makes you feel as if you can’t reach those targets or just be happy. That’s when you need to start clearing out and trimming back on the people and things that are smothering your growth – and most importantly, don’t make you happy.

It’s also important that you be patient. Sometimes we’ll struggle with what it is that we want to grow. I can honestly say that I’ve had times where I’m unsure of where to go next. That’s when I ask myself – what’s my end result? What is it that I want in the future – maybe six months or a year from now – and then I start preparing and planting all that I need to help me reach those targets.

When I first meet up with a client, I’ll ask them to think about what it is they want to achieve six months from now to get a sense of what it is that they want and need. And then we break it down into small, doable steps. Again, just like a garden, you don’t just plant the seeds and immediately see the results. It will take some time. So it helps to take an overview of everything you want in your life – present and future. Then chunk those targets down into doable priorities. Planting the seeds and nurturing the growth along the way. When we don’t take that time for ourselves, we can become overwhelmed and not even know where to start.

This was also why I created my Congruent Living Self Assessment . It’s a valuable tool to help you discover how to live the life you desire!

This simple questionnaire takes just a few minutes – but provides a wealth of information about why you do what you do – and what steps you can take to start creating the life you want! You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your values and standards influence you, what’s important, motivates and helps you grow.

And as long as you have that solid foundation, you’ll be able to harvest those new ideas and dreams whenever you’re ready. Ask yourself what is it that you want. Be completely honest with yourself.

The process is growing and evolving – not mentally forcing outcomes. It’s about doing what makes you happy – and makes your heart sing!

Big hugs,

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