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Are You Ready for This Next Step to Create a Life You Love?

Looking to make positive changes in your life? 

If you’re ready and willing to live the life you long for – it’s time to shift. Remember, we create what we desire.

Over the past few weeks in my live Transformational Motivational Mindset Moments, I’ve been sharing the key steps necessary in order to create and transform your mindset and life.

This week’s video is about putting your thoughts into action

The importance of seeing, being and believing what it is that you want and being the energies you need to be, that align with making it come to fruition. That means having a growth mindset!

It’s showing up with much more intensity, energy, and dedication of what it is that you want – and the belief that you can AND will shift and change into something greater.  Because if we don’t grow and shift – nothing changes!

One of the most effective – and enjoyable ways to do this is through visualisation. 

It’s an incredibly powerful and relaxing process. One you can do while you’re at home, the office – or almost anywhere. Instead of pulling out your phone to pass time, take a moment to be present and visualise.

Whether it’s finding your dream job, an amazing partner, improving a relationship or creating abundance, think of how that looks to you.

Don’t focus on how you’re going to do it – or even worse, the negative thoughts and energy about why you can’t do something. Instead, concentrate on all the beautiful emotions and thoughts. 

How do you feel? Happy, proud and at peace? Step into that. Visualise.  

Sit back, close your eyes, relax, and listen to your breathing. Then focus. It may be total silence – or it could be a rhythmic background sound that lulls you into a relaxed state. Let your imagination roam. 

Now picture that you’ve already achieved all that it is that you want and are living the life you desire.

Exactly how does it look to you? What do you see, hear, feel, and taste?  Now BE that! Step into that new reality.

What do you see? Will it add to your life? Is it your dream client or partner? A loving and safe relationship? An abundance of money, energy, or joy? Or all of that? 

Think about all the particulars.

When you’re reading a book, they lay out all the delicious details, so you feel as if you’re right there in that moment. You see what’s around you, feel their emotions and hear and experience what they’re going through.

Then do the same for what it is you want to do, see and be in your life. After all, this is YOUR story!

Be sure to check in next Monday for my Transformational, Motivational Mindset Moment calls, live every Monday at 11 am ET in the Congruent Living for Creatives and Seekers Facebook group. I’ll go into more details on the essential third step for creating a positive and productive mindset AND share more juicy details on my NEW MINDSET MASTERCLASS! 

Just a reminder if you missed last week’s video, be sure to watch the replay on my YouTube channel. I also encourage you to share it with a friend or loved one who could benefit from transforming their own story.


“Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.”

–   Steve Maraboli –


Remember to live boldly and love greatly! Have a wonderful week filled with confidence and inspiration!

Big hugs,

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