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With so much going on, are you having difficulty choosing for you?

Did you know that it’s estimated that the average person makes a whopping 35,000 decisions per day? 

Yowza- that’s a whole-lotta thoughts going through our minds! 

Sure, there’s the basic day-to-day decisions – what to wear or eat, actions to take at work and decisions about family, money – and of course, our own personal assessments.

Most decisions are made in a casually conscious state without a lot of thought, since the outcomes won’t have a profound effect on our life. 

Then there are the deep, challenging  choices we face. Questioning and challenging ourselves repeatedly, wondering how we decide what to do. Is there a process? What’s the answer?

It’s those deeper considerations that lead to a question I’m often asked – “How do I choose?” 

The direction we take could have a big effect on different areas of our life. That’s when we start to overthink. Over analysing the process of making a choice – the right choice. 

When we do that, we miss out on the most important step… Listening to our INNER guidance!

Ask yourself – what’s guiding you in the choices you’re making? Are you listening to your inner guides… your intuition… that inner voice? 

You can continue to make the same decisions that don’t serve you – expecting different results OR you can make the choice to acknowledge and listen to those beautiful clues coming from your “guides”. You have a choice!

It’s when we don’t pay attention to our inner voice and things don’t turn out as we hoped, that we often end up blaming ourselves. Criticising or doubting our knowledge or abilities. Sound familiar?

That’s why it’s so important to be in tune with your emotions. Be aware of how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking or what you’re focusing on. Are you experiencing anger, shame, regret? Or gratitude, appreciation and love?

Everything we do, be and say is tied to emotion – good or bad. It’s that emotional energy that creates vibrations, sending them out to the Universe, attracting what it is we do – OR if we’re not careful – what we don’t want. _________________________________________________________________________

“Trust your inner guidance and follow your heart, for your soul has your blueprint and the Universe has your back.”

–   Hazel Butterworth –


Here’s to creating a life from true choice

Have a wonderful week filled with confidence and inspiration!

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