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Recognize Your Superpower – Also Known As Our 6th Sense

Do you get these moments of motivational awareness?

When you just know something is right – or even wrong?

That is our intuitive sixth sense at work.

The problem is that the moment we feel that gut instinct, we immediately start questioning it. Doubting and judging ourselves. We have the insatiable need to see indisputable proof that what we are sensing is true and real.

Because it often feels like a fleeting thought or feeling and not this grand gesture or vision, we dismiss it as nothing important. We need that instant validation to convince ourselves that what we’ve experienced is real.

When we do that, we miss out on one of our strongest superpowers! Our sixth sense!

Our intuition is when we can sense things without any physical clues. It’s a sense of knowing.

Chances are, you have followed your intuition at some point in your life. Maybe when you’ve lost an item and you ask out loud “Where are you?” – and then Boom! There it is! Or you had a “Bad feeling” about something or someone – that turned out to be true.

We’re all born with a natural intuitive knowing. But it’s drilled out of us at a very young age.

What’s beautiful about our intuition, is that it truly never leaves us – we’ve just tuned it out. We can get it back. It’s something I teach in my Congruent Living Academy. I walk my students through the delicious process of tuning ourselves in deeper to our sixth sense. Understanding and recognizing the signs. Those gut feelings, emotional connections and trusting the guidance of the Universe.

Ask yourself – are you tuning in and following that sixth sense? Or do you dismiss it as something you imagined and doesn’t mean anything?

If it’s the latter, I want you to make a commitment to yourself that you will stop doubting and start believing. Learning how to listen to your own intuitive voice is a powerful form of self care.

Watch out for and recognize those intuitive moments that pop for you. When you feel that pull, or sensing something that may not yet be real or true. Tap into and honor your sixth sense.

We’ve been talking about honor a lot in the Academy. It’s important that you trust and honor yourself. Honor your word – and your intuitive voice.

Recognize and trust that you do have that superpower called the sixth sense!

“Not trusting your sixth sense, will always – and I mean always, come back to haunt you. Have the courage to stand alone and trust your vibes.”

–  Sonia Choquette –

Here’s to trusting your sixth sense!

Have a wonderful week filled with confidence and inspiration!

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