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Are you using your emotions to your advantage?

Have you ever been told “You’re just too emotional!”?

Or advised HOW you should feel?

Let’s face it, we’re not taught how to recognize and respond to our emotions. We simply repeat what we’ve observed from our parents, grandparents, family, and teachers.

It’s ingrained from an early age that being “emotional” is a bad thing. That it’s okay to show emotions for or towards others… just not for ourselves.

That we should hide those feelings.

But when we suppress how we feel we’re not being true to ourselves. We’re setting ourselves up for disaster.

It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. Getting bigger and bigger. Growing out of control. And then BOOM! It hits a wall and emotions are flying everywhere.

By this point, our emotions are convoluted. We may not be sure what they are, why we’re having them and how to manage them. That can result in us taking those feelings out on others!

Instead of trying to control or eliminate your emotions, why not learn to embrace and be empowered by them? 

That’s something Jennifer learned when she came into the Congruent Living Academy.

She had been so emotionally abused by her partner she had closed down any awareness as to who she was, what she desired out of life and what joy even felt like anymore.

In learning about what emotions were, who they belonged to and how to use them to her advantage, Jennifer developed an acute sense of self awareness and gained the courage to leave her partner as she tunes into what she was truly desiring for her path in life.

So how can you acknowledge and expand on your emotions to use them to your advantage?

Here are just a couple of the many helpful techniques I use.

Pay attention to what and how you’re feeling AND how you behave. Observe the patterns and ask the question…

“Is this really true for me?”

Be open minded!

Maybe it’s a matter of changing your environment? 

Or asking yourself is this belief taking me to where I want to go, towards living a life that I love?


Practice!  As with most things in life, practice! Being in the question leads to progress.

Whether we’re feeling happy and excited or sad, angry, frustrated or lost. These emotions are part of us and who we are.

Taking that moment to ask yourself– what is it that I’m feeling now? How am I using that information?

By asking ourselves those questions, it helps jolt our subconscious from auto pilot to being deliciously aware and present. Encouraging us to act with intention.

Recognizing and understanding our emotions is essential to developing a healthy emotional intelligence. It’s being authentic… transparent… genuine!

It allows us to maintain a high level of congruence between our internal feelings and our outward display of emotions.

Are you ready to improve your emotional intelligence and discover my other techniques that can help you use your emotions to your advantage?

Learning how to create a vision for a life you love, requires you to tune in and learn how to tap into that inner voice that knows what is true for you in creating a future that loves you back.

Now is the time, my friend!  

Book a complimentary Clarity Call today and discover how this one call with me can help you create a life you truly love living! 


“Never apologize for being sensitive or showing emotion. If you have a big heart don’t be afraid to let the world see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.”

–   Brad Turnbull –


Have a wonderful week filled with embracing your emotions and being empowered and inspired!

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