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Tips to Create Changes That You Really Want

Use these tips to create changes that you REALLY want!

Have you ever decided to make a change, asking for – or taking action towards something in particular – only to start justifying reasons as to why it can’t happen?

Maybe it’s asking for more money?

Greater relationships?

A healthier body?

A dream job?

Or anything else that you’d really
like to see, do or be?

And then you start to overthink.

The fear of the unknown sets in and your “but” gets in the way! You start the

“I would like to, BUT…” or “It sounds great, BUT…”

Often, when we try to make those changes – especially those big changes that take us out of our comfort zone – the fear seeps in. We yearn for that comfort. We can be tempted to take that easy path of least resistance. One that’s familiar. Even if it’s staying in a situation that we really don’t want – or even enjoy.

That, my friend, is self sabotage!

That’s what happened with a client of mine.

Denise joined the Congruent Living Academy to help her create the life she desired. She wanted a happier, more fulfilled life. One that aligned with all her beliefs and dreams. That included finding her dream job!

Soon, Denise was thriving! Feeling not only empowered… but powerful!

She began to rebuild her confidence! To find clarity and discover all the possibilities available. Denise embraced the process, taking action and the steps she needed to start making exciting, beautiful things happen! To make the changes she had always wanted.

That included her dream job! And guess what? She got it!

Things were working out for her just as she hoped. It was then that she felt she could do the rest on her own. So, she dropped out of the Academy! She believed that all the coaching and group support that she had embraced, was no longer necessary.

Not long after she started her dream job, the self doubt crept back. She returned to her old behaviors, making bad decisions.

Denise was self sabotaging! Those old limiting beliefs had slipped back into her thoughts. Her confidence dwindled and before she knew it, she had lost her job… her dream job!

When Denise told me what happened, she couldn’t understand how everything fell apart.
Although she had made excellent progress, Denise had left the Academy before she was able to truly recognize and address her old behaviors and replace them with new productive ones.

So when the fear and self doubt started to creep back into her thoughts, she reverted back to those unresolved, unhealthy behaviors and patterns.

Fortunately, Denise returned to the Academy, realizing just how valuable and necessary the coaching, help and support of the community was for her progress.

So when we think that we want to make changes, we can’t just sit by. We’re not going to see true progress when we take the path of least resistance. Going only so far, just until we see results on the surface. Those changes are temporary and won’t serve us.

For long lasting, beautiful changes, we have to put the work into it. That means taking the path that brings us joy! Even if that means stepping out of our comfort zone.

We need to be patient with ourselves, taking baby steps if necessary.

When we want change – we must invest our energy into creating and being that change!

Asking ourselves the important question. What would this create for me? Don’t worry about the “How.”

Just embrace the juicy vibrations and energy. Tune into that and BE that change. Be that emotion and align with what it is that we’re asking for.

Be passionate and present! It means including ALL of ourselves! Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

It’s coming into our power!

“Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

– Brad Turnbull –

If you’re really asking for change… a true change that brings you joy and creating a life you love, but you’re just unsure how to get there, I can help you with that!

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude!

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