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Doing this will help you slow down and be present

Doing this will help you slow down and be present.

Doing this will help you slow down and be present…

Have you ever noticed that the first thing people can’t help but ask you is “So… what do you do?”

Not “Who are you?” or “Tell me about you?”

This constant need for validation in society is unfortunate. It’s as if we determine our value based on our title, or if we’re doing something big or impressive.

It’s no wonder we feel like we’re caught up in the never-ending merry-go-round of demand, urgency and hustling!

We’re taught to be busy. To keep agreeing to add tasks to our never-ending to-do list.

Doing everything to be constantly engaged. Worried that if you slow down, you’ll be left behind in the dust. That you need to stay busy to help keep up with everyone else.

But here’s the thing. You’re not “everyone else”. You’ve got that special sauce that we need in this world. And if you continue to focus on keeping yourself busy, you’re not actually being in touch with yourself and who you truly desire to be.

As you know we live in the law of vibration. And when you’re willing to be present – REALLY present with what it is that you’re asking to create, you need to ask yourself, what’s required of me right this very moment? What’s my next step?

It’s not asking what ALL do I have to do?… and then feeling exasperated and overwhelmed, wondering how am I EVER going to get this all done?

To get to where you really want to go, the key is to slow down and just be present.

Here’s an exercise that I practice and share with my clients that can really help you achieve that:

  1.   Close your eyes.
  2.   Tune in to what you’re hearing right this moment?
  3.   What’s the farthest sound?
  4.   What’s the closest sound?
  5.   With your eyes still closed, move your hands towards each other and let your fingertips touch gently. Softly tapping each other.
  6.   Notice the sensation on your fingertips

This practice will help you slow down, connecting to yourself as you tap in and be present. You’ll become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions as you tap into the emotions of what you’re asking to create. Tensions will begin to fade away.

It sends out the vibration that aligns with what it is that you’re asking to create.

You can also try practicing yoga, going for a walk in nature, baking bread or whatever helps you to just slow down, be present and listen to your intuition.

You see, slowing down is an essential step in putting yourself first. Taking care of your needs, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When you wake up, take a deep breath, and tune into your energy. Receiving the vibrations of what creates greater and what you’ve been asking for.

It’s about tuning in and listening to what you need.

For myself, it’s often suddenly recognizing that it’s time for a walk. Even if it’s in the middle of the day. Breathing in, moving muscles, changing my thoughts, and clearing my head!  

I encourage you to try it. To free up that space so your mind can wander and become contemplative.

No matter who you are, no matter what your title or job is, it’s essential that you slow down and put yourself first.

It truly is that simple.

Does this resonate with you? Please share in the comments below!

“In all the chaos and hurry, do not forget to notice the beauty and miracle of this world. Slow down. Notice. Observe. Be aware. Allow presence and awe to come back into your life.”

–  Brendon Burchard –

Here’s to creating a life you love,

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude!

Here’s to living a life you love.

Big hugs,


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