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 Whose Lens Are You Living Through? Creating a Life You Love

Welcome to Ask Susan, your transformational, motivational Monday moment! Thank you for all your questions about creating a life you love and falling in love with your life. Let’s dive into a crucial question that can help you create a life you love: Whose lens are you living through?

Understanding External Lenses

When we aren’t living a joy-filled life, we look at our lives through someone else’s lens. But what does that mean? It means being heavily influenced by the beliefs and perspectives of others—parents, partners, friends, society, and the media. These external influences shape our beliefs, values, and what we strive for, ultimately affecting how we view ourselves and our lives.

Recognizing External Lenses

Have you ever felt like living your life based on someone else’s expectations? Or perhaps you constantly compare yourself to what you see on social media? These are signs you might be looking at your life through someone else’s lens. This leads to dissatisfaction and unfulfillment because you impose their expectations on yourself.

Exercise: Whose Lens Are You Living Through?

Take a few moments each day to ask yourself, “Whose lens am I living through right now?” If you recognize it’s someone else’s, gently shift your focus and ask, “What do I truly want?” Write down your thoughts in a journal. This practice will help you align more closely with your vision of a joy-filled life.

Shifting Perspectives

How do you shift from external lenses to your perspective? It’s about reclaiming your vision and defining what truly matters to you. Understand your values, what lights you up, and what resonates with you independently of others’ expectations.

Reflecting on Your True Desires

Take some time to reflect on what makes you happy and fulfilled. Ask yourself, “What are my core values? Am I living a life that I love based on these values, or am I looking at what I’m creating through someone else’s lens?” This reflection is crucial in creating a life that honors your true self.

Personal Example: Gardening Joy

Let me share a personal example. Recently, I was overwhelmed by the thought of starting a vegetable garden. Instead of believing it was too much work, I asked myself, “What’s the value of a vegetable garden for you?” The answer was clear: I love picking fresh lettuce and herbs from my garden. This realization motivated me to take small, manageable steps toward creating my garden, resulting in immense satisfaction and joy.

Embracing Your Unique Journey

Recognize the traps of seeking validation from others and comparing yourself to unrealistic standards. Your worth is not determined by others’ validation. Your journey is unique, and your perspective is valuable. By shifting away from external lenses, you open yourself to genuine self-love and acceptance.

Journaling Prompt: Exploring Your Lens

Reflect on whose lens you have been viewing your life through. Write about how these perspectives have influenced your decisions and feelings. Then, explore what it would look like to see your life through your lens. What changes might you make? How would it feel to live more authentically with you?

Creating a joy-filled life starts with seeing your life through your lens. It’s about making choices that reflect your true self and embracing what brings you happiness.

Live boldly, love immensely, and be the fearless leader you came here to be. The world needs more of you and your special sauce, not less. Keep embracing your beautiful journey, and stay tuned for more inspiration.

“Creating a joy-filled life starts with seeing your life through your own lens. Embrace what brings you happiness, and make choices that reflect your true self.”

 Susan Lazar Hart-

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude! Here’s to living a life you love. Big hugs,

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